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Some doubts and questions that people ask before they opt to work out with Core Tuck-In are listed below:

Is it expensive?

Yes, you might feel it’s a little pricey if you compare us with the standard offerings in the industry. We would request you to understand our offerings before making that decision.

Why is it so expensive?

“Price is what customers pay and value is what we deliver.” We always aim that the value we deliver is always higher than the cost you pay. And we also believe good quality comes at a price. We enroll only a limited number of clients at a time and give our best. We don’t compromise on anything, be it instructors or equipment. We pride ourselves in calling instructor-based and not equipment based.

I want instant results, is it possible to achieve that?

We do not adopt the “get fit overnight” approach. We adopt the hard way out, it takes lot of efforts, but yields much better results.

What is the duration of the programme?

Generally all our clients are long-term clients. You can expect visible results in a couple of months. Exact duration is different for every individual. We would be able to answer that in the initial consultation.

How many hours does one session last for?

A normal session is of 60 minutes.

I cannot commit to a long-term programme. Can I be a part of it for a short term?

Minimum commitment of 3 months is required for notable results.

I would prefer the best to train me. Is it possible to get trained under Dr. Stuti and not under any other physios?

Dr. Stuti takes 10 sessions a day, sees around 15 clients and is always eager to take new clients. She would always give her slots if they were available. However, if the slots are not available, we would have to offer you our physios’ slot. We assure you that they are well-trained and strictly follow protocols created by Dr. Stuti herself. Also, all the exercise plans are created and reviewed by her. It is basically the exact same thing but the Physios will be taking the sessions instead of Dr. Stuti.

What are the time slots available?

You can discuss your preferred time slots with Dr. Stuti over the phone. She would be able to share the open slots with you over the phone.

What if the time slot I am comfortable with is not available?

We always try to allot the sessions in your preferred slot. However, if nothing works for you, we may have to take you in the waiting list for your preferred slot.

Is there any waiting period for joining the sessions?

Generally all of Dr. Stuti’s slots are booked and she might not be able to offer her slots immediately. Expect a waiting period of 1-2 months for your preferred slot.