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core tuck in

At the beginning of a fit life!


Prop-up to shape-up!

Imported props for training


Re-form yourself on the reformer!

For power workouts


Pilates elsewhere is not Pilates.

One of India’s only few certified Pilates instructors!


Strengthen the core of your body!

Restore your inner strength!

Core Tuck In

Your health, our way

The core is the powerhouse of your body and a measure of your inner strength. Core Tuck In focuses on strengthening your core with the use of Pilates, floor exercises and nutritional guidance.

Core Tuck In is the brainchild of Dr. Stuti Shah who holds a Bachelors of Physiotherapy degree from Ahmedabad Institute of Medical Science, Gujarat University, a Masters degree in Physiotherapy from Rajiv Gandhi University, and has undergone training for Pilates courses like Intensive Mat Plus and Intensive Reformer by Stott Pilates. She is a firm believer in customized regimes, which help achieve maximum results unlike the common exercise cards meted out to one and all in conventional fitness centres today.

A layman’s guide to Pilates

Pilates promotes fitness as a way of life, of which weight loss might be the logical by-product. It is a Mind-Body Technique which needs lots of focus and a mentor to guide you on the precision of each posture. Concentration, Control, Centering, Flow, Precision and Breathing are the doctrines on which it works. Pilates works best for posture correction, strengthening individual muscles and core area activation. A rare form of exercise that promotes overall fitness, Pilates also helps in restoration as you work on the deeper core muscles. Pilates can be introduced as a therapy or simply a fitness regime to normal individuals, antenatal women, post-natal women, geriatric people, patients with knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, etc.

Who’s fit to do it?

Everyone! Core Tuck In caters to everyone who aims to lead a fitness-driven lifestyle. We also customize our regimes so that individuals with special fitness needs can achieve focused results:

  • Pre Natal Women

    Pregnant women can benefit from Core Tuck-In’s specially designed regimes and breathing exercises. Take a step closer to a confident delivery, a healthy baby, and a happier you!

  • Post Natal Women

    Core Tuck In works with a lot of Post-natal women to partner them in their journey of recovery! Get back in shape and be a strong and fit mommy with us by your side!

  • Fitness Enthusiasts

    Do you sit in the same particular position for hours? Does your posture need correction? Work out with Core Tuck In and let back pain never stop you from acing your meetings!

  • Rehab

    If your doctor has prescribed physiotherapy for you, let us show you the magic of regular, pointed, properly supervised sessions on your medical condition! Core Tuck In brings you back to normal & enjoy the little joys of life with Rehab fitness regime.

  • Post-Operative

    Post-operative care from a physiotherapist is vital for the well-being of patients and here at Core Tuck-In, you are in safe hands.

  • Professionals

    Do you sit in the same particular position for hours? Does your posture need correction? Work out with Core Tuck In and let back pain never stop you from acing your meetings!

  • Elders

    Age is a number, and at Core Tuck-In, we have quite a few patients who are 60+ and going strong! Say yes to longevity and make the most out of your second innings!

  • Kids

    Fitness is a habit best inculcated early. Our multi-tasking little champs of Gen Y require a lot of energy to stay on the top.

  • Sports Conditions/Injuries

    People suffering from injuries caused by sports can be treated with a specific customized exercise and training regime devised by experts at Core Tuck-In. If you’re looking for training for any sport or for athletics, Core Tuck In is the right place.

The Core Team
Dr. Stuti Shah


Mr. Harshal Shah


Mr. Ashish Tanwar



Home Visits

Core Tuck In offers Home Visits by our team of physiotherapists at timings convenient to patients. You can now work out in an environment where you are the most comfortable – your home, with the complete attention of the physiotherapist focused only on you! In essence, it’s your place, your convenience and our expertise coming together for a fitter you. Specialized home visits for patients, elderly, pre and post-natal women can be availed.

Pilates Studio

Core Tuck-In’s state-of-the-art Pilates Studio is a unique destination- It follows the unique concept of concentrated fitness training, which is why it’s not a walk-in studio but a by-appointment-only studio. We accommodate maximum two trainees per session, ensuring personal attention and focused training. This is the core reason why you’d feel like this is your own studio and feel at home. Probably the only one in the city where you can get the best of Pilates training through the mat, reformer and floor regime!


The Reformer Regime

A Reformer helps you perform a variety of Pilates exercises which challenge your core to the maximum. Each move, each exercise targets a specific muscle area. Movements on the Reformer have to be controlled or else it sends you a feedback stating that the control is lacking, meaning you need to have total control and focus when you are working on the Reformer under the supervision of a Core Tuck In expert. We, at Core Tuck-In, offer private as well as duet Pilates session on the Reformer.

Floor/ Conditioning Exercises

In our Pilates Mat exercises or floor exercises we include a number of Props sourced from international markets. These props challenge the body, especially the core area. They enhance muscular strength, help in building progression, act as a resistance factor that intensifies the workouts and add a fun element to the exercises.


Pilates Mat exercises or floor exercises include a number of Props which aid to the exercises. These props challenge the body, especially the core area. They enhance muscular strength, help in building progression, act as a resistance factor that intensifies workouts and add a fun element to the exercises. Most of the props that we use here at Core Tuck In are imported from Canada and the USA.

Swiss Ball


Ankle Weights

Bosu Ball

Thera band

Resistance Tube


Mini band

Plank board


Pre & Post Natal Physiotherapist

We, at Core Tuck In specialize in exercises for pregnant women. Our trainers are highly skilled and know what exercises to be performed during which month of Pregnancy and what is to be done after delivery.

Pilates- Mat & Reformer

Pilates exercises to target specific parts of your body and for overall fitness include Mat-based floor exercises and exercises on the revolutionary Reformer Machine.


Specialized home visits for people in need of Physiotherapy sessions. People with medical conditions, post-surgery recovery exercises and people suffering from certain conditions can be treated with Physiotherapy sessions.

Core strengthening

Your core is the center of your body that fuels fitness. Core Strengthening basically aims at making your spine healthier and stronger along with activating your core. Core Tuck In offers customized core-strengthening exercises through different modes.

Posture Correction

The corporate world is suffering from many back & neck ailments due to lack of understanding about ergonomics and correct sitting and standing postures. Core Tuck In helps you correct and maintain a healthy posture.


Exercises and core strengthening doesn’t work if it is not complemented with correct diet and nutrition. We offer nutrition guidance and planning to go hand-in-hand with your exercise regimes.

Why Core Tuck-In?


At Core Tuck In, we understand you and that’s why we don’t just provide you with a fitness regime; we help you adopt fitness as a way of life. Core Tuck In is the realization of this fitness philosophy and that’s why, we focus individual attention on each patient/fitness enthusiast who works out with us. Dr. Stuti tailors each individual regime after a thorough study of your medical history, age and stamina measure, eating habits, problem areas and strength tests. Her regimes are fun, all-inclusive, synced with nutritional guidance, and above all, very effective particularly for you!


Core Tuck In makes you feel at home and allows you to have a quality ‘Me’ time without worrying about anything else. For us, results are just by-products, we focus on fitness as a way of life, customized for every individual. We go as far as creating your favourite playlist and playing it exclusively for you to make you feel at ease. At Core Tuck-In, we are 100% sure of what we do and are experts in it, so let go of safety worries because you are in safe hands.

‘When fitness becomes a priority, goals start taking shape’

The Core Tuck In Process

Core Tuck In follows a set process, which is uniform for every client. We do not just begin your workout session but plan it in a way that it is beneficial to you as well as becomes much more focused and targeted for us. Our process is mainly divided into 4 phases:

    • Understanding your requirements
    • Explanation about Core Tuck In exercises and analyzing as to how can you benefit from it

    • Dr. Stuti conducts an initial consultation after you decide to enroll
    • Medical history checks
    • Analysis of previous exercise regimes
    • Personal likes/dislikes, goals
    • Laying down a roadmap,
    • Appointment of a dedicated Physio (if the case demands)
    • Creating the schedule, allocating & blocking the time slots for the committed period and making you ready for the workout phase

    • Preparation of the exercise plan by Dr. Stuti
    • Discussion between Dr. Stuti and the dedicated Physio. Sharing case details, your requirements and goals to be achieved
    • Sessions takes place as per the schedule created
    • Keeping you motivated
    • Plan revision every 15 days or as per the requirement
    • Improvement tracking and analysis

    • Regular meetings and follow-ups with you, once a month
    • Discussion between Dr. Stuti and the dedicated Physio, which is an ongoing process
    • Reviewing achievements, taking your feedback
    • Modifying the regimes as per the need and requirement